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Variations on ColorFields

Color is energy made visible.
- John Russell

Dimensions: 36” x 5.5” x 5”
Material:  Cast Acrylic, Lighting Gel, LED Light, Baltic Birch

“Variations on ColorFields” reinterprets the central ideas of non-objective art – particularly the color field movement and post-painterly abstraction –  in luminous, three-dimensional form and explores the perception and tension between light and color. As a reaction to the emotional energy and gestural surface of abstract expressionists, color field artists turned away from the individual mark in favor of color itself becoming the content of the work, exploiting the expressive potential of color.

Color is a mode of interpreting information and can tell us more than pigment: it can inform us about form, color, movement, and depth.  Like rhythm and tempo in music, the dance between light and color can induce vibration, pulse, and movement. The light sculptures in this series explore the properties of light and color: the objective is to not focus on the object alone, but to produce sensations of “color movement” in the eye of the beholder.  These color vibrations allow the observer to experience the conditions of perception itself and to experience color as a language of energy.