Mirror for Latency

Sound installation investigating latency experienced in online conversation channels.

Dimensions: 7' x 1.5' x 2'
Materials: Wood, mirror, microphones

Mirror for Latency is a work that only exists in the shared moment between the two viewers who are experiencing it. Each “performance” is different. Viewers sit opposite each other and look into a 7’ wooden box. Inside, three mirrors are angled in such a way that each viewer sees the inverted visage of the viewer on the opposite side of the box. Using headphones and a microphone on each end, the voices of the participants are affected by sound manipulation software. Speaking to each other into headphones creates a sense of intimacy, yet the discombobulated voices create a confusing sense of space and time. Frequency, amplitude, and voiced sounds are used, along with other effects to intervene in the re-synthesis of the voices, creating distance between the viewers whilst also a sense of disembodiment.