Aspects of Sound in Art (ASA)

Stanford University CCRMA Summer Workshop

Workshop Date:
Mon, 06/15/2015 - Fri, 06/19/2015
Floor van de Velde, Sasha Leitman, Elaine Buckholtz                           


This is a project based class where hands on skills will be taught along side technical, theoretical and artistic learning. People of all computer skill levels welcome in this learning environment. Concepts and processes of sculptural form as related to sound and acoustics will be introduced through daily, short presentations and screenings. MetaPiano offers a chance to work collaboratively with students from different disciplines – artists, engineers, designers, etc. – to integrate kinetics, sculpture, and sound in an experiment that will result in a newly imagined, interactive sound sculpture.

During five days, this hands-on class will build on students’ pre-existing skills and knowledge while introducing new fabrication skills. Students immediately start working on projects the first day and are expected to finish an installation/ sculpture by the last. Students will have the opportunity to cover topics ranging from basic acoustics, making inexpensive microphones, repurposing electronics, sticking speakers in strange places, transforming spaces, use acoustic resonators, etc. In addition, the class will cover aspects of creative practice including creating artistic goals, what makes a good piece, creating satisfying work that is within your technical, financial, and time constraints.

Each group of students brings a unique set of interests and abilities and we will tailor the workshop to engage the desires of the group. This has worked wonderfully in past iterations of this workshop and the instructors enjoy making sure each student walks away from the course able to apply the things that they have learned to their future creative work.